As Elon Musk has driven cost cuts even deeper into Twitter, he’s shown even the most loyal lieutenants aren’t immune from the scalpel.

Among those laid off in one of the biggest rounds of job cuts since Musk’s late October takeover was Esther Crawford, a product director at Twitter who rose to prominence early in Musk’s tenure and who had been in charge of Twitter’s relaunched subscription product. Twitter also laid off at least dozens of engineers, product managers, data scientists and managers over the weekend, according to people with direct knowledge.

The cuts suggest that Musk has failed to reverse a steep slide in revenue—down 40% year-over-year as of early January—that is styming his goal of making Twitter break even, particularly given the approximately $1.2 billion in annual interest payments the company owes related to Musk’s $44 billion leveraged buyout.