VeChainThor’s most significant and noteworthy mainnet hard fork is now ready to be effectively positioned after a long period of intensive labor and effort. This event occurred after a unanimous vote was cast in their favor on VIP-220 or Finality with One Bit (FOB). 

According to information published by reliable VeChain foundation sources, the last phase of Proof of Authority 2.0 (PoA 2.0), the effective integration of Finality with VIP-220, is ready to be activated at block height 13815000. Over the last year, VeChain foundation has announced its roadmap to PoA 2.0! It is scheduled for November 17, 2022. The time will continue to be 8:10 a.m.

First – the all-important date of deployment!

The final phase of ‘Proof of Authority 2.0’ (POA2.0), the integration of finality with VIP-220, goes live at block height 13815000, expected 17 Nov., 8:10am UTC+0.

What does that mean for you? 👇
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— VeChain Foundation (@vechainofficial) November 7, 2022

Furthermore, according to statements made by the VeChain Foundation, there is no need for any action in the case of an Economic or an X Economic node holder. In this situation, the hard fork will be implemented without affecting any users in any way. 

There may be a circumstance in which any type or form of transfer performed between the multiple exchanges during the period of the impending upgrade is prohibited. In light of the current situation, it has been made clear to all users that they must handle token receiving and issuing actions with the utmost care and security.

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